HSP by design

The design of this website has been like a window into my HSP way of being. As a friend observed, “This whole process is showing up, testing and pleasing the HSP in you”.

Thankfully, Andrea at Dialogue Web Design here in Edinburgh was up to the task of dealing with all that!

What showed up was giving it my all and being super-stimulated by the sheer volume of data – photos, fonts, formats – and decisions to be made.

The upsides though were being in detail heaven, indulging my love of words, colours and photos, and – with Andrea – being creative in delightful little ways.

What was tested was my energy.  It gets depleted in direct proportion to the effort I put in.  My busy brain would only switch off from all the stimuli when I had found the right thing or done all I needed to.

What’s pleasing and makes everything worthwhile is the result.  Getting what I think matters out into the world.  And out of my head.

Then there’s the ‘aesthetic pleasure’ of it all, a phrase borrowed from an equally HSP friend.  Many little things made me go “Aah…” – like the title font when I saw it in a mass of options, the photo of the dog with the butterfly on its nose, even the height of the silhouette grass at the bottom of the page.

I deeply appreciated how Andrea designed not just the site but his information and training.  Answering questions before I asked them, giving not just the what but the why, and providing visuals to help me decide and understand.

It was intense but I couldn’t have done it any other way.  As the friend I quoted earlier also said with a smile, “I think you came out of the womb like this…”.   Yep, HSP from the get-go!

So how does being an HSP show up, test and please you in your life?