The Whelms and their antidotes

As an HSP, you’ve probably met The Whelms – Overwhelmed, Overwhelming, Underwhelmed and Underwhelming.  The four of them can be a contrary bunch!

HSPs often get overwhelmed by the world.  It can be just too stimulating – too busy, too loud, too fast a pace.  Any of these can get our nervous systems jangling and our fuel tanks heading for empty.

The antidote – quiet, space, time alone to recharge.

And we can be overwhelming for others – too intense in what we express, how we engage and what we expect.

The antidote –  ‘read the room’, ‘choose your battles’ and channel the Serenity prayer (accept what you can’t change, change what you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference).

Then there’s being underwhelmed.  HSPs can get bored over time and need novel experiences.  And our love of depth can make anything less seem unsatisfying.

The antidote – get enough of what feeds your soul and you’ll appreciate everything else more too.

Underwhelming?  Well, that’s what HSPs can be for others.  Not interesting or exciting enough, too serious, just not someone they ‘get’ or want to engage with.  And that’s fine because …

The antidote – is to ‘know your tribe’.  And there’s one for everyone.

Do you recognise The Whelms?  I find they’re more manageable when I can identify them and acknowledge their double-sidedness.  Maybe that can work for you too…