How things land

Planes lands on tarmac.  Bees land on flowers.  And events and experiences land on people.

What lands on a person doesn’t land in a vacuum but on what makes the person who they are – a combination of history, circumstances, and health.

And also on what I think of as a person’s ‘operating system’: how they receive and processes information and make sense of it … or not.  It affects what they feel, and how they communicate, relate and fit in with others.  Or don’t.

Operating systems‘ came to my attention when, as a counsellor, I worked with people with many different ways of processing the world.

All were rooted in neurobiology, including being an HSP.

For HSPs, events and experiences land on a deeply feeling person.  Good things feel more amazing and difficult things more upsetting than they would to most.

It’s just the way it is to be an HSP.

As Christmas and New Year approach, HSPs will be aware of how these occasions land differently for people depending on their circumstances and who they have around them (or don’t).

To those looking forward to Christmas, I hope you have a really wonderful time.

And I’m holding in mind those for whom Christmas is a time of loss, longing or loneliness.

That includes people in war-torn countries for whom what is landing are missiles and unimaginable horrors.  I hope with all my heart that peace lands with you in the New Year.