HSP heaven

Just before the pandemic lockdown hit in 2020, I decided to buy my first jigsaw in about 50 years.  I don’t know why … but I’m so glad I did.

I’ve done several since.  The one in the photo is my latest – ‘Turtle Paradise’. It’s my paradise too.

Jigsaws have become a new love.  They seem to go right to the heart of the HSP in me and many of my traits.

Colours – I realise how drawn I am to them. (This was underlined when a friend gave me a completely colourless, Perspex jigsaw as a gift – a mischievous thought, a horrible reality!)

Detail – jigsaw pieces have the tiniest details in them and these really seem to register in my brain.  I often find myself walking back into the room, picking up a piece and slotting it straight into its place.

Shape – from individual pieces to the overall jigsaw, I’m in shape heaven.

Fit – I love the way pieces fit together and add up to the whole.  Both beautiful things…

Completeness – people talk about perfectionism, for me it’s just about completeness.  Literally, the full picture.

This last was tested when – for the first time ever – there was a piece missing in Turtle Paradise.  I swithered about channelling the Japanese art of kintsugi: honouring the missing bit by painting around it in gold to highlight it.

I couldn’t do it! Instead, I ordered a bargain version of the jigsaw on a resale site, found the duplicate piece and used it to complete mine.  That made for one happy HSP!

Which bit of your being an HSP gives you sheer – and unexpected layers of – joy?  What puts you in HSP heaven?