Finding joy in finding your place as an HSP

In my last blog, I spoke about the joys of being an HSP.  In this one, I talk about an unexpected encounter and a joyful realisation.

The other day, I was on a forest walk when I saw one of my managers from my days as a civil servant.

It wasn’t just any manager – but someone who had told me one day, in no uncertain terms, that I cared too much.  Just one of many criticisms.

He had a real problem with me – what I did, how I said things, what my perspective on our work was.  To him, I was a hindrance.

He wanted things done quickly, I wanted them done well and sustainably.  He loved wielding power, I loved learning from people at the heart of things so we could make a difference together.  He craved personal acclaim, I wanted to improve things for everyone.

Back in the forest, we didn’t stop to speak.  There would have been nothing to say.

But the encounter gave me pause for thought.  I hadn’t known I was an HSP the last time I saw him.  How much has changed!

Now, I know my difference, not my deficit.  My strengths, not my weaknesses.  My gifts, not my shame.

I moved from a world where caring was frowned on to one where it was positively welcomed.  I left an environment where I was never going to fit, and found one which fit me perfectly, just as I am.  I discovered my calling and my tribe, and left my critics behind.

All of those changes brought me joy.

Have you found your place?  Somewhere that you fit?  Where you feel joy in being the fully-fledged HSP you are?

I really hope so, if not yet then soon.  And that you can choose joy over judgement.