‘Sensitive’ – the book

Earlier this year, a great new book came out about being highly sensitive.

Simply called ‘Sensitive’’, it’s by Jen Granneman and Andre Solo, the founders of the website, ‘Highly Sensitive Refuge’.

Although I don’t usually recommend a particular resource, this one is different.

Maybe it’s because it pulls together many of my own thoughts – and so much more.  Maybe it’s because it’s a book I would have liked to write myself.

But I think, really, it’s because it’s so interesting and so potentially helpful to people.

The book draws on a range of sources, including history, biology and case studies.

It’s written in straightforward language unlike some texts which are really quite dense, so as to be credible in academic and research circles.

And it acknowledges the challenges of being an HSP while clearly celebrating the gifts and strengths.

I listened to the book rather than read it, and the narrator’s voice added to the experience.  Great tone and evident appreciation of the subject matter.

And who knew Bruce Springsteen was an HSP?  He’s one of the examples given in the book. Maybe not a surprise, given he’s always been known for putting a lot (time and energy) into his concerts.

Whatever.  If you fancy an informative take and lighter touch on being highly sensitive, you might want to consider giving ‘Sensitive’ a read or a listen.