Me and my HSP temperature gauge

As an HSP, I’m sensitive to lots of things – emotions, nuances, tones and my surroundings.

I’ve always been aware that one of my most delicate sensitivities is to physical temperature.  Hot or cold, there’s a pretty tiny temperature range where I’m not looking to adjust something.

At least with the cold, I can add layers.  But heat is a whole other ball game.

The maximum of what I can bear is often the minimum others enjoy.   A bit like my tolerance of spicy food!

If I’m too hot, my whole system overheats.  I feel like my own ‘boil in a bag‘.

So it was when I was in France in June …

We were staying in an apartment at the top of a village where there was no vehicle access for the last three slopes we had to climb.  I nearly blew a gasket getting my case to the door.

To be fair, it had been a long day, including a hire car puncture which couldn’t be fixed and a walk to the nearest garage for help (no shade available).

The effort + 28 degrees Celsius heat = system overload.  Thankfully, my travelling companion turned sherpa with the rest of the luggage!

I simply can’t imagine being able to function in the temperatures we saw across the world in July.

I really hope they’re not a sign of things to come because, for many reasons, the term ‘global boiling’ sends shivers down my spine.

I wonder if temperature is an issue for you?