All I want for 2024 is …

At the end of the last blog, I wished you all that you wish for yourself in 2024.

You probably know what you want for the world or for others but I wonder if you know what you’d like for yourself?

So let me ask:

What would you – lovely HSP – like more of for yourself in 2024? 

And why?

That second question can feel slightly aggressive and something to defend against.  But ‘the why’ usually holds such wisdom.

It gets to the heart of who you are and what you need right now.  Or maybe what you’ve needed for a long time?

Once you’ve settled on what you’d like more of, I have another question for you:

What one small step will you take towards getting more of what you’ve identified?

I know, a little pushy, right?!  But there’s a massive difference between intention and action, isn’t there.

The irony is that we HSPs can jump into action if it’s for other people.  We’re just not so good at doing the same for ourselves!

So be kind to yourself.  Give yourself permission to take a small manageable step towards what you want more of.

Let’s see what it brings.  No pressure.  Just the potential for something different and better.

Because you’re worth it.