How Wordle shows up the HSP in me

Who knew that Wordle would show up how I think as an HSP?

I like to gather information.  Enough that I can see what’s in front of me and make an informed decision.  So I gather vowels and use as many consonants as I can, unless I have enough letters early on to focus on options that just include them.

In contrast, my husband focuses on the letters he gets right and uses only them in his guesses.  He’s more direct than me.  I’ll use letters I know aren’t in the word if it lets me test placement or inclusion of a letter.

My need to gather information shows up in other ways too – research which leads to quality holiday experiences, and organising data too slowly to pass an assessment centre.

I will spend hours (and days!) researching holiday destinations, accommodation and views.  It’s all about the experience for me.  And I – and others –  benefit from my efforts.

In contrast, an assessment centre and its time limits cause me all sorts of bother.  Like most HSPs, I don’t perform well under pressure, especially on a subject I know nothing about.

When others are  rushing ahead to digest information or contribute first in a group exercise, I’ll be busy organising and sorting the data.  But you’ll get a quality response when I do!!

So, the way my brain processes things can be helpful and can hold me back.  Double-sided … just like many aspects of being an HSP!

Frustrating at times, but it’s who I am and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I like looking around, beyond, above and underneath information.  Seeing patterns, consequences, connections and roots.  Tiny details and the big picture.  The variety is one of life’s joys.

How does the way you work things out show up in your life – at work, around holidays or at Wordle (or any other game)?  When has your HSP brain been an advantage and when a difficulty?

Would you change it, and therefore you? Or can you appreciate your strengths, enjoy the gifts and manage the challenges?