HSP energy – where it goes and what it needs

Energy is an HSP’s most precious resource.

With it, just about anything feels possible.  Without it, we come to a complete stop (while everyone else is still dancing).

My personal batteries are constantly running down and needing recharged.

Everything HSPs do takes more energy than most.  We tend to give more thought to things, more effort to tasks, more energy to relationships.

We constantly scan for what needs done, what would make a difference.  And we do it.  Till our energy drains to empty …

Surprisingly (unless we’ve already sussed this), our energy also gets drained by doing things and being with people we love.  Because excitement and engagement take energy too.

Basically, we give a lot to all we do.  And often in a kind of ‘all or nothing’ way.

People might say, ‘Well, stop!  Don’t give as much then!’.  But it’s not that simple … nothing with HSPs ever is!  That would require complete rewiring of our whole being.

Impossible, apart from unnecessary.  What is possible, though, is to manage our energy better.  And it doesn’t take much tweaking.

We can notice what drains us – activities, situations, even people.  We can decide how much of them we engage with.  Or we can build in buffer time around them – for preparation and recovery or both.

We can work out what recharges us – rest, quiet time alone, music?  Getting out in nature?  Doing something practical to get ourselves out of the heads we spend so much time in!  Whatever soothes or re-energises us.

We can also be more thoughtful about what we put in our bodies.  We can notice what food and alcohol do to us.  What leaves a legacy of lethargy?  What drains our natural drive? What gives us a healthy boost?

Let’s pay more attention to what we and our bodies need.   Let’s nurture our precious energy and natural vitality.  Let’s prioritise replenishing our power source.

We’ll always look out for others.  Frankly, this – looking after our energy – we owe to ourselves.