This will sound weird but …

Sometimes it’s hard to put what we feel into words.

Have you ever found yourself saying, “This’ll sound weird but …” and then finishing the sentence with an image, metaphor or description of a feeling within your body?

Many HSPs feel and make sense of things in this way (don’t worry if you don’t – just keep trusting your own particular process!).

I used to think of my body as something that got me from A to B, or hit a hockey, tennis or golf ball.  But I learned to listen to the images it came up with and the sensations I noticed.

This happened about the same time I discovered I was an HSP – and learned to trust what I felt and experienced.

Then I decided to train in something called ‘Inner Relationship Focusing’.  It’s a way of listening in to your body.  Letting it do the talking so you can learn from its wisdom.

After all, your body has been there, every second of every day.  It knows exactly how things have felt to you whether you’ve admitted it or not, expressed it or not.

My body likes to help me make sense of things with images.

For example, an image of a Spanish galleon on rocky seas helped me capture the quality of a dilemma I was facing.  And then take what turned out to be a very good decision.

Another image of a giant Green Cross Code Man (remember him?!) came to me when I was needing support after an accident.

Why am I blogging about this?

Because there’s a new book coming out on 10 May 2024 called, “The Way of Curiosity: Discovering wisdom through listening to the body”.

It’s by Peter Gill, someone whose soulful insight and wisdom I’ve experienced on a couple of courses.

The book offers ways of navigating feelings, emotions and critical voices … and finding the quieter hidden wisdom that we all carry.

Now doesn’t all that sound useful for an HSP?

I’m excited to hear what Peter has to say.  And then what my body has to share with me.

I know, sounds weird but …