Chance or choice, risk and reward

My last two blogs have been about belonging and being ourselves.

Both subjects came about by chance.

The first because I happened to sit next to someone who said something profound about belonging; and the second because I happened to hear an Oscar acceptance speech.

But was it chance?

The first transpired because I purposely booked myself onto something I’ve found to be the most curious and real of experiences.

And my brain caught the second because it’s attuned with laser focus to any quotes, poems or lyrics that say in a nutshell what I feel but don’t know how to say myself.

I regard my curiosity, wish for realness and pleasure at something beautifully captured as key parts of my being an HSP.  And me being me.

This week I’ve found myself reflecting on how other things I’d put down to chance actually came about because I’d made a decision or I’d taken an action.

Or even a risk … which is surprising because I used to be THE most risk-averse person you could meet!

The risks I found I’d taken included allowing myself to be vulnerable, sharing things that are very close to my heart, and reaching out to potentially kindred spirits.

What followed those risks were rewards – relief, friendship, encouragement and opportunity.

Of course, taking risks doesn’t guarantee results.  But then we HSPs only tend to take informed risks, on important matters, when we feel safe, and when our instinct is giving us strong signals.

My shift from being risk-averse to risk-taking began with my discovery that I was an HSP.  I guess making sense of yourself and shedding the shackles that have been holding you back does that!

The shift continued as I was more and more myself.  And as I learned to trust my intuition about what was right for me, even if it made no sense to others.

All this naturally gave me more confidence and reduced the risks I was taking.

So, my fellow sensitive, what have you put down to chance or luck when actually you’ve made choices and taken action and risks?

When has your essence been at work and kept you driving towards your true self?

And, if it hasn’t started yet, there’s no time like the present to begin.  Gently, one step a time…